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The heart shaped card is made by placing a square card and two semicircles together. What is the area of the card.
each side of the sqare is 8cm long.

I did a=TTr(squared)+lw
A=TT16+64 A=80TT
A=251.3 cm(squared)
The total area of the card is
Can you please let me know if I did this correctly? Thanks

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    How did you get from
    area=PI*16 +64 which is 114, to 251 then 257?

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    1st I added 16 plus 64=80. Then I multiplied 80 by TT and got 251.3
    The last part should be 251.3 I messed up on the last number.
    so is 251.3 correct?
    Thank you for checking my work, I appreciate it.

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    I see what you did, but I thought TT was always done last, so I added and then multiplied TT.
    Is there an order of operation for Pi?

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