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For this assignment, you are asked to design a Plan-Do-Review activity. Be sure to describe in detail each stage of the process (student involvement in the planning, what students would actually do, and what specific questions you would ask during the review stage of the process. Also, consider how you would guide students in an exercise for coming up with their own open-ended questions for the review session). Your three- to five- page paper should be formatted as follows:

The title of the lesson:
What you want students to know/do as a result of the lesson:
Planning (how will children be involved in the process; what will be your input into the plan?):
Do (What will students do to follow the plan?):
Review (How will you set up the review? What strategies will you use to get students involved in this process?):
Open-ended questions you might ask students:
Summary of your Plan-Do-Review which includes additional information and/or a reflection of how you think the lesson will turn out.

  • ECE 101 -

    You're expecting someone here to do all your assignment for you?

    If you cannot do this on your own, you need to find another kind of job to study for.

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