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I will give the questions and my answers. Someone check it please.
Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

To the Top

“Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.”

-Samuel Johnson
Have you ever wanted to give up on something before you even started? That’s how Raja felt as he squinted up at the looming mountain crowned in clouds. Then he looked back at the group of boys behind him.

“Are you all ready?” one of their leaders, Max’s dad, shouted.All the boys turned to him and yelled, “Yeah!” Raja yelled too, but inside his stomach turned. He picked up his pack. When he swung it over his shoulder, the weight nearly toppled him to the ground. He looked quickly around to make sure no one had noticed him stumble. He saw several of his friends staggering under the weight of their packs.

“It takes some getting used to,” Leon’s dad chuckled, “but by tomorrow you’ll be expert backpackers. Okay, who wants to be first to lead us on the trail? Raja, why don’t you start out as the leader? Here’s the map. We’re following the green trail to the top of the mountain. That’s where we’ll camp for the night.”

Raja didn’t want to lead; he wasn’t even sure he could walk with the heavy pack. But he also didn’t want the other boys to think he was weak.

“Okay,” he managed, taking the map and turning toward the trail.

By noon Raja’s shoulders ached. When they stopped by a small waterfall for lunch, he let his pack fall to the ground and sat down heavily. Raja was so tired that he didn’t even want to eat. But Max and Leon’s dads cheerfully handed out sandwiches and drew the boys into a circle.

“Let’s talk about this morning’s hike,” Leon’s dad began. “Who has a comment?”

“It was long,” Leon piped up.

“It was hard,” Max agreed.

I’m tired. Do we have to hike all the way up the mountain?” whined Juan. Raja thought he was the only one whose muscles ached. He smiled to discover that all the boys had similar complaints.

“Well, we don’t have to hike all the way up. There’s a campground halfway. Are you all too tired to make it? Should we adjust our goal?” Max’s dad looked around the circle.

“I’m tired too,” Raja spoke up quietly, “but I think we can make it to the top. I didn’t think we could this morning, but now I see how far we’ve come.” Raja had never said so much in front of a large group. He didn’t know what gave him the confidence now.

“Who agrees with Raja?” Leon’s dad asked.

“I do,” Max shrugged.

“Yeah, I guess we shouldn’t give up now,” said Felipe.

The boys shouldered their packs again. This time Raja didn’t stumble. Somehow, the pack felt lighter. Or was he somehow stronger? Raja wondered this to himself as he followed the others past the waterfall and on up the mountain.

13. What is the most important question to ask after reading the fourth paragraph? (1 point)
What kind of group is Raja traveling with?
What is Raja carrying in his heavy backpack?
Will Raja accept the role of leader, or will he give up?*
Why do the boys have to hike to the top of the mountain?
14. To which sense does the phrase “staggering under the weight of their packs” appeal? (1 point)
15. In the first paragraph, Raja squints because (1 point)
the mountaintop is far above him.*
he left his glasses at home.
he has something in his eye.
the sunshine is too bright.
16. How does the setting of this story affect the characters? (1 point)
It challenges them physically.
It challenges them emotionally.*
It causes them to appreciate nature.
It causes fights among them.
17. The quote from Samuel Johnson at the beginning of the story suggests that the story will be about (1 point)
the roles people perform in life.
making adjustments to goals.*
developing stronger bodies.
staying on task.
18. Which of the following best describes Raja’s character? (1 point)
becoming selfish and lazy
afraid to try new activities*
developing more confidence
bold and outspoken
19. The author’s attitude toward Raja is ____ (1 point)
20. Why does Raja tell the others that he believes they can reach the top? (1 point)
He does not want the other boys to think he is weak.
He feels good about what they have accomplished so far.* (A or B)
He wants to feel superior to everyone else.
He does not want to disappoint the leaders.
21. What life lesson is the theme of this story? (1 point)
Doing something difficult can build character.*
A true friend makes sacrifices.
People should enjoy each day to the fullest.
People are always in conflict with nature.
22. Which of the following sentences from the story is an attention-getting device? (1 point)
By noon Raja’s shoulders ached.
He smiled to discover that all the boys had similar complaints.
Somehow, the pack felt lighter.
Have you ever wanted to give up on something before you even started?*

  • Language Arts -

    14. correct
    15. correct
    16. while it mentions Raja's emotions the whole group is only described as under a physical challenge.
    17. To persevere is to stay on task.
    18. At the beginning he is afraid, by the end he has developed more confidence.
    19. While his father had a lighthearted attitude, the author was reporting in a detached (matter of fact)way.
    20. correct
    21. correct
    22. correct

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