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The length of a rectangle is 5cm more than twice the width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 34 cm. Find the dimensions of the rectangle. So confused on how to do this problem please help me thanks.

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    Perimeter = L + L + W + W

    or P = 2L + 2W

    L = 5+ 2w

    P = 2(5+2W) + 2W

    I replaces the L in the original formula with the 5 + 2w because that equals L according to the problem.

    34 = 10 + 4W + 2W

    Just solve for W.

    And then you can find L.

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    You are welcome.

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    the length of marshalls rectangular poster is 2 times its width .if the perimeter is 24 inches what is the area of the poster?

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