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using the 7 steps outlined in sec 4.3 of your book,analyze the graph of the following function R(x)=x^3-125/x^2-49

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    how do you expect us to know what section of 4.3 of your text is all about ??
    Steve gave it a shot when a similar question was posted before, using a slightly different function, but the poster had actually inserted the " 7 steps ".

    I suggest you look at his answer and apply it to your equation.

    (x^3 - 125)/(x^2 - 49) factors,
    = (x-5)(x^2 + 5x + 25)/( (x+7)(x-7) )

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    its the same steps just a different function in my textbook, but I don't understand it!

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    so, where do you get stuck? You must have some idea what each step entails. Rather than just do it all over again, I'd prefer to see what you get and what is confusing.

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