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What occurs in a woman's body during a menstrual cycle? (1 point)

The egg matures in the ovary.
The uterine lining builds up.
The egg releases from the ovary.
all of the above

The _______ produces the hormone that develops the reproductive system, which is responsible for ______. (1 point)

pituitary gland; procreation
pancreas; regulating blood sugar
scrotum; ovulation
thymus; menstruation

In contrast to the female, most of the male reproductive organs are ______ due to the production and safety of ______. (1 point)

complicated; eggs
internal; semen
external; sperm
none of these

The flow of blood and tissue cells from the uterus through the ______ is called ________. (1 point)

vagina; menstruation
oviduct; ovulation
sex organs; menstruation
cervix; urination

My answers:
1. all of the above
2. pancreas; regulating blood sugar
3. external; sperm
4. vagina; menstruation

  • Health Ms. Sue please -

    I agree with your answers.

  • Health Ms. Sue please -


  • Health Ms. Sue please -

    oh actually #2 was "pituitary gland; procreation".

  • Health Ms. Sue please -

    Oops! I'm sorry. I really shouldn't have tried to check these answers.

  • Health Ms. Sue please -

    That is ok! Thank you for checking them!

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