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A saline solution contains 1.1% NaCl by mass. How much NaCl is present in 87.2 g of this solution?

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    This is not the answer but it the same thing:

    1.3 g / 100 g = 0.013.
    0.013 * 89.2 g = 1.1596 g
    = 1.16 g.

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    Or, another way.
    1.1% w/w means 1.1g NaCl in 100 g solution.
    You want to know how much is there in 87.2 g (and not 100g); therefore,
    1.1 x (87.2/100) = ?

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    A 5.00-ml sample of a H3PO4 solution of unknown concentration is titrated with a 0.1003 M NaOH solution. A volume of 6 .55ml of the Na OH solution was required to reach the endpoint. What is the concentration of the unknown H3PO4 solution?

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