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chemistry help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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a)A N6+ ion in its ground state absorbs an X-ray photon of energy 2.0000
keV. Explain what happens to the ion and why.

b)Explain why the nitrogen ion N6+ is a hydrogen-like ion. Assuming the
ion is for the major stable isotope 14N, state which sub-atomic particles
it contains and how many of each there are in the N6+ ion.

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    a. Upon absorbing the 2 keV, an electron, we will call it the outermost one, will move to an outer orbit.

    b. N^6+ is a nucleus plus 1 electron. The H atom is a nucleus plus 1 electron. The N^6+ ion has 1 electron in the outer shells, there are 7 protons in the nucleus and 7 neutrons also.

  • chemistry help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

    Hi, With that amount of energy the electron will not only move to a higher orbit but move into the continuum, severing its link with the nucleus.
    Work out the energy of ionisation and check the 2000 eV difference.

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