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Q: Corbin is playing a board game that requires rolling two number cubes to move a game piece. He needs to roll a sum of six on his next term and then a sum of ten to land on to the next two bonus spaces. what is the probability that Corbin will roll a sum of six and then a sum of ten on his next two turns?

Will someone please help me with this because I have spent a long time trying to find the answer to this question but I have no idea how to find the answer or even know how to solve it, so can someone please help me with this question and can someone please help explain how to solve this question???

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    help me.....

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    The probability of rolling a six with two dice is 5/36. The probability of rolling a ten with two dice is 3/36 = 1/12. You should be able to convince yourself of this. If not, read

    The probability of rolling six followed by ten is the product of those two numbers, 5/432.

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