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Which of these scenarios best describes a nuclear family?

A) Jeremiah is growing up within a cluster of adults and children who maintain their own living quarters
but come together for work and meals. Child-rearing is a shared responsibility.

B) The Farrish family is comprised of ten-year-old Mary Beth and her mother who teaches at Ingleside High School.
Since Mary Beth's grandparents live
too far away to help,she goes to
after-school care until her mother picks her up after work.

C) Following an accident in which her
parents were killed,Josefina,age 6,
is taken in by her mother's sister
and brother-in-law and raised as one
of their own children.

D) Adam is a foster child currently
living with a family in which there
is a father, a stay-at-home mother,
and the couples's two children.

Not sure between b and c please help

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    I would say C.

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    that really doesn't say much

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    Actually, it does. Professor Damon is trying to tell you to define Nuclear Family. Here it is on a silver plate: two parents, and kids, in which the parents are rearing their kids.

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    The middle-class preference for relatively small nuclear families consisting of mother, father,(or a single mother),and two or three children, is unusual when compared with families from most other non-European
    backgrounds. Most cultures include maternal or paternal grandparents in the family structure,and even aunts,
    uncles, cousins, and close family friends. By comparison, the nuclear
    family is relatively isolated.
    Nonmainstream families view such family
    structures as lacking adequate social
    support for nurturing and care taking young children. The reliance of mainstream families on child care provided outside the home by relative
    strangers is viewed as inappropriate.

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    By text states what i posted above.
    I am just willing to understand why the answer is C because i was leaning toward B

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    The answer is C because it is a two parent family, with children they are rearing. The children consists of natural born and adoptive.

    B does not have a two parent nuclear family.

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    Ray ... Are you having trouble understanding this?

    ...relatively small nuclear families consisting of mother, father,(or a single mother),and two or three children, ...

    If you are, please invest in taking a good, thorough reading comprehension class before you go any further with these "edu" courses.

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    Hmmm, actually I thought the question kind of confusing as well and am not entirely sure what the value of it is :)
    It is not part of my culture to pigeon hole families in such a fashion.

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    Very true, Damon ... especially because in our culture today, "family" is defined in various ways. But this question asked specifically about the term "nuclear family," and Ray's text had apparently defined it with the italicized words I posted above. Ms. Sue and Bob and I have been concerned before about the poor and/or outdated terminology used in many of these courses. I'm not sure what "school" is giving this course, but it REALLY needs to update its concepts and writing.

    My primary concern is for Ray's reading and comprehension skills if he isn't able to find such a definition in a full paragraph.

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