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A 1992 finding by researchers Dickinson et al. about the language prompts used by low-income caregivers revealed a need for training in:

A. approaches for eliciting more referential language and labels.

B. expanding question formats to obtain a child's elaborations and predictions.

C. strategies for increasing frequency of story-reading events.

D. ways of modeling reading to instill a sense of pleasure in the activity.

Would D be the most appropriate

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    Have you read what Dickinson et al have written? I haven't, but if you've read it, you shouldn't have trouble answering this.

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    yes i read a little in the text

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    I would go with B

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    I would go with B also, if you want the right answer.

    Answer D is correct, except it has nothing to do with prompts.
    C is correct, except it has nothing to do with prompts.
    Answer A is nonsense, and it reads like a professor gone wild.
    That leaves B. Good choice.

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