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a current of .500 A is used for the electrolytic decomposition of water. how long (in hours) will it take to produce 1.0 L (Standard temperature and pressure) of hydrogen gas? what mass of oxygen gas will be produced at the same time?

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    2H2O ==> 2H2 + O2

    amp x seconds = coulombs.
    96,485 coulombs will deposit 1 g H atoms or
    2*96,485 coulombs will deposit 2g H2 molecules which will occupy 22.4L at STP.
    Coulombs for 1.0L will be
    2*96,485 x (1.0/22.4) = about8615 (approximately) ,then
    amps x sec = about 8615, substitute for amps, solve for sec and convert to min then to hours. From the equation you can see that 2 mol H2 will be produced for every mole of O2 produced; therefore, or 4 g hydrogen for every 32 O2. So take grams H2 x (32/4) = ?

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