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Sensible Sally has a job that is 35 miles from her home. She needs to be at work by 8:15 a.m. Sally wants to maximize her sleep time by leaving as late as possible but still get to work on time. From experimentations, Sally discovered that if she left at 7:10, it would take her 40 minutes to get to work. If she leaves at 7:30, it will take her 60 minutes to get work. If she leaves at 7:40, it will take her 50 minutes to get to work. Since her commute time increases and then decreases, Sally decides to use a parabola to model her commute. Assume the time it takes to get to work varies quadratically with the number of minutes after 7:00 that Sally leaves.

a. If x = the number of minutes after 7:00 that Sally leaves, and y = the number of minutes it takes Sally to get work, what three ordered pairs can you determine from the problem?

b. Use the three points from part (a) to find the equation of a parabola in standard form that can be used to model Sally's commute.

c. Will Sally make it to work on time if she leaves at 7:20?

i don't know B i keep on trying it but it doesnt work out

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