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Write ten sentences about different people places or things. Begin each sentence with a compound subject. Make sure the compound subject and the verb agree.

1.My friend and I go to the park on the weekend.

2.Lance and Darren don't want to go to the party.

3.Hot Topic and Journeys are my favorite stores.

4.I don't want to wake up early, nor does Jane.

5.Lea doesn't like broccoli or carrots.

6.The computer and Xbox are fun things to use.

7.She would order chicken or beef at the restaurant.

8.I can't go swimming, nor can my brother.

9.My sister or brother can take you to school.

10.Kay and Ren have soccer practice.

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    4) I think instead of nor use neither.
    8) I would personally phrase it as: Neither my brother or I can go swimming.

    I'm just basing these corrections off of how I would speak it (native speaker). Hope this helps. :)

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    Oops I meant nor for number 8. Sorry! :/ It goes 'either, or' and 'neither, nor'.

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    Thank you, Mary :D

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    Mary is incorrect about 4. If you use "neither," you'll create a run-on. With "nor" you have a correct compound sentence.

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