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Circle the verb that agrees with the subject of each sentence below

1.Neither my coat nor my dresses (is are) in the suitcase.

2.Dell and Amy really (like likes) science

3.The St. Bernard and the terrier (play plays) together

4.Either the cheese or the fish (is are) bad

5.The eggs and the milk (go goes) in next

6.Neither the sheets nor the bedspread (fit fits) the bed

7.Life and Monopoly (is are) my favorite games

8.The cows or sheep (move moves) to another pasture in the afternoon

9.A salamander or snake (live lives) under the rock

10.The coaches and the managers (run runs) the teams

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    5, 6, 7, 8 are wrong.

  • English -

    I get how I got 6 and 7 wrong but I don't get 5 and 8.
    Isn't milk singular so the verb has to be singular? And for number 8 isn't sheep singular so the verb has to be singular?
    I thought goes and moves were singular because it ended with an s, so I picked that answer.

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    Eggs and milk are plural. Two subjects joined by "and" is always plural
    They goes?
    They go?

    The word, sheep, in this sentence is plural.

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