Please help check physical science!

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Please help check my answers I really want to make a 100%!

1. A mechanical wave moves through a medium, which can be (1 point)
A. a liquid.
B. a solid.
C. a gas.
D. all of the above <-- This one

2. Which type of kind of wave causes the medium to vibrate only in a direction parallel to the wave’s motion? (1 point)
A. a transverse wave
B. a surface wave
C. a longitudinal wave <-- This one
D. none of the above

3. A disturbance sends ripples across water in a tub. These ripples are an example of a (1 point)
A. rarefaction.
B. longitudinal wave.
C. compression.
D. surface wave. <-- This one

4. Sound is an example of what kind of wave? (1 point)
A. transverse wave
B. longitudinal wave
C. surface wave
D. wavelength <-- This one

5. Waves carry __________ from one place to another. (1 point)
A. energy
B. crests <-- This one or A not sure
C. troughs
D. wavelengths

Thank you so much!!

  • Please help check physical science! -

    1,2,3 OK
    4: eh? how can a wave be a wavelength?

    crests don't actually go anywhere. The medium moves back and forth, causing crests and troughs.

  • phisical science -

    Hey everyone I'm Bill Nye from bill Nye the science guy and I saw your question and I just wan to say that I'm so happy that your putting this effort towards this! Also to answer your question you are correct on all of them.

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