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1.which of the following sentences is accurate in terms of the words it uses?
a. there is alarge amount of people at the convention.
b. we have to decide between the four options available to us.
c.fewer people will attend the conference this year because of the higher costs.
d.the speech had a profound affect on the audience.
2. which of the following usues passive voice appropriately?
a. your order was shipped yesterday and should arrive by friday.
b.the shipping clerk sent your order yesterday and it should arrive by friday.
c.the decision was made after much debate and deliberation. announcement about the company takeover will be made by the president later today.
3.which statement correctly identifies the main benefit of writing a paragraph using the deductive order strategy?
a. you can present any kind of the evidence you wish to use.
b. the reader knows from the outset what your main point is so he or she is prepared to receive the evidence you provide to back up your idea.
c. it is an effective technique if you want to entice the reader into reading more.
d.thwe topic sentence acts as the concluding sentence.

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    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    17. b

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    is it all correct?

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    1 (17) is not b.

    The other two are correct -- if I've figured out your numbering. Did you post the last question?

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    sorry for my numbering..i did not post the last is...
    which of the following is not an example of parallel structure?
    a. yoga can help you develop flexibility, reduce stress, and increase relaxation.
    b. learn how to analyze business audience, im[prove your style, and edit thoroughly.
    c. you are all encouraged to come and share ideas, express concerns, and ask questions. can pay by credit card, check, ot just fill out a payroll deduction card. answer is d- is it correct

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    Yes, D is correct.

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