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more of the same

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The answer to this should be 201.7, but I keep getting off track.

300=70+(375-70) e^ -k*10
230=305 e^-10*k
ln 230=ln 305 e^-10*k
ln 230= ln 305 -10*k

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    yes, you do get off track.
    Line 3 should be
    (because ln ab = ln a + ln b)

    ln 230=ln 305 + ln( e^-10*k)
    ln 230 - ln 305 = -10k

    because ln(e^x) = x
    now go from there.

    In fact, I'd have divided first:

    230=305 e^-10*k
    230/305 = e^-10k

  • more of the same -

    201.7? I get nothing like that

    .75 = e^-10k
    -10k = -.287
    k = .0287

    There must be something wrong with the way you wrote the problem.

    I mean e^(-10*201.7) = a very very very tiny number. Some missing parentheses?

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