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A flagpole and a building stands on the same horizontal level.From the point P at the bottom of the building.the angle of elevation of the top T of the flagpole is 65 degrees from the top Q of the building the angle of elevation of the point T is 25 degrees.If the building is 20m high,Calculate
(a)Distance PT
(b)Height of the flagpole
(c)Distance QT.

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    Draw a horizontal line from Q to the flagpole. Label the intersection S.
    The height of the pole is thus 20+ST

    SQ/ST = cot25
    SQ/(ST+20) = cot65

    equate and solve for ST
    Now you can get SQ
    PT^2 = SQ^2 + (ST+20)^2
    QT^2 = SQ^2 + ST^2

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