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train car with mass m1 = 521 kg is moving to the right with a speed of v1 = 7.9 m/s and collides with a second train car. The two cars latch together during the collision and then move off to the right at vf = 5.1 m/s.
1)What is the initial momentum of the first train car? I got 4115.9 kg m/s as the correct answer.
2)What is the mass of the second train car?
I don't know how to do the second question please help.

  • Physics -

    1) 521*79 = 4115.9 kg*m/s

    2) 4115.9 = (M1 + M2)*5.1
    M1 + M2 = 807.0 kg
    M2 = 807 - 521 = 286 kg
    ..not very heavy for a railroad car.

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