NJHS Letter Check (plz read it's really important)

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I'm writing a letter to the adviser of the NJHS in my school. Please read to see if it's good. If your confused about my post, just read the letter and you'll understand why I'm writing a letter to the adviser and why I post this post.

Dear Ms. L,
I'd been having some difficulties completing my community service hours. I can't participate in the (school name) Tutoring Program because my parents have a really busy schedule but they would love to take me but they can't. There are a lot of stressfulness in my family. Right now I'm spending my lunch period at the library, helping out Ms. P with anything she need help with (organizing books, hanging up posters, etc.) and will help collecting return books during homeroom. I won't have enough time to complete 30 hours due to the NYS Exams, spring break and haft-a-days. We have to complete 30 hours by May (specific date TBA) and you didn't tell us yet. Can the due date be May 21 (that the day before the NYS Science test and it's on Tuesday)? I really need more time to complete my hours and the Induction ceremony is on May 30 (it's on the district calendar).

Here's the math
15 minutes (homeroom collecting return library books) + 42 minutes (lunch period - helping out in the library) x 45 days (approximate) = 1,910/60 minutes = 31.8 hours

I couldn't complete my hours before because I was really busy with my school work and studying for the mid-terms. I was going to take to you in person but it's better writing a letter to you and besides I really don't have time. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in the club who have difficulties completing their community service hours

***my full name***(homeroom - 143)

  • NJHS Letter Check (plz read it's really important) -

    Your message is clear and to the point.

    Good luck! Can you get community service credit for your library work?

  • NJHS Letter Check (plz read it's really important) -


  • NJHS Letter Check (plz read it's really important) -

    and thank you for checking my letter Ms. Sue! :)

  • NJHS Letter Check (plz read it's really important) -

    You're welcome, Laruen.

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