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I have a take over the world assignment to do..
Come up with a way to create a long term, stable dictatorship in Canada. However you have seen what happens in dictatorships when the population becomes dissatisfied. How are you going to ensure that the population remains satisfied with thier lives?
I have to create a society that enjoys being under dictatorship, and to ensure a stable transition from one leader to the next. How are you going to do this? How are you going to convince canadians to give up thier rights and freedoms happily?

I have to create a verbal and visual presentation and i need your guidance:)

Please help when u have the time! It will b greatly appreciated:) thankyou!!!!:)

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    The only way I could see that happening is if the people were literally scared to death and believed only the government could save them. Perhaps you could conjure a scenario in which the U.S. appeared ready to take over Canada by force.

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    But canada has to take the action i don't think us is allowed to help lol!!! Pkease help me more im stuck:(

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    How about a couple of terrorist attacks that appear to be from the U.S. The people involved in the attacks are really Canadians. A clever propaganda machine could convince most people that the U.S. was behind the attacks.

    Think of the freedoms we've all given up when we fly.

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    We fly?

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    Ur idea is preety cool but how do i ensure the next leader and how can i make them gove up thier freedom happily:(?? Will they

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    You can't be sure -- and they may not give up their freedom gladly. However, there are stiff penalties, like death or hard labor in the far north, for saying anything against the government, would be effective.

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