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A dray horse is being pulled by a rope across a level plow field by a force of 750.0N exerted at an angle of 47° above the horizontal. If the horse’s velocity is constant and the coefficient of friction is ì=.21, determine the mass of the horse.

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    Wt. = m*g = m*9.8 = Wt. in Newtons.

    Fp = 9.8m*sin(0) = 0 = Force parallel to the field.
    Fv=9.8m*cos(0) - 750*sin47 = 9.8m-548.5=
    Force perpendicular to the field.

    Fk = u*Fv=0.21(9.8m-548.5)=2.06m-115.19 = Force of kinetic energy.

    750*cos47-Fp-Fk = m*a
    511.5-0-(2.06m-115.19) = m*0
    511.5 - 2.06m+115.19 = 0
    2.06m = 626.7
    m = 304 kg.

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