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An electrolytic tin-coating process gives the coating 30 millionths of an inch thick. How many square meters can be coated with one kilogram, density 7.30 g/cm^3?

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    30 millionths inch = 30/1,000,000 inch = 30E-6 inch thick.
    30E-6 inch x (2.54 cm/in) = 7.62E-5 cm = 7.62E-7 meters.
    Mass = volume x density
    1,000g = volume x 7.30
    volume = 1000/7.30 = about 137 cc = 137E-6 cubic meters.= 1.37E-4 cubic meters.
    volume = length x width x height
    1.37E-4/7.62E-7 = length x width = ?
    sqrt ? = length of each leg of the square. Check my work.

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