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1) 5/12+7/18-5/6
2) 3x/x-1-1/x=_____/x^2-1x
3) x+1/x^2-5x+6-3x+11/x^2-x-6=

5) 3x^2+2x-2
6) x^2-3x-9

4-5 with formula

please help!

  • Pre-calculus -

    for the fractions, some parentheses or at least spaces would help designate what the factors are

    2x^2-3x-1 : x=(3±√17)/4
    3x^2+2x-2 : x=(-2±√28)/6 = (-1±√7)/3
    x^2-3x-9 : x=(3±√45)/2 = (3±3√5)/2

    Just plug in the numbers. What's the problem?

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