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A charge-Q is located at x=-l/2 and a charge +Q is located at x=l/2 . Thus the separation between the two charges is l .

The total electric field on the x axis can be written as

(a) What is the direction d^ of the total electric field at any point on the x axis where x>l/2 ?

(b)What is E(X) as a function of x for x>l/2? Express your answer in terms of, if necessary, Q ,l , x and the constant epsilon_0 (if needed, enter pi for π , epsilon_0 for epsilon_0 ).


(c) Consider now the limit where x>>l , so that

Express, in this limit,E(x) in terms of, if necessary, p , x and epsilon_0 . The quantity P=Ql is called the dipole moment.

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