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1. The defenders of the Alamo put up such a (burly dogged) resistance that the enemy had a hard time capturing it

2.To avoid a lot of unwanted attention the famous rock star registered in the hotel under a(n) (rummage alias)

3.An art historian who is trying to verify the authenticity of a painting acts more like a (sleuth fossil) than a critic

4.His (dogged meteoric) success at such an early age left him unprepared to handle the disappointments and failures that came to him later in life

5.It may be as you say that this volcano has been (extinct dumbfounded) for many years but isnt there some danger that it may come to life again?

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    Good! All are right.

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    6.Whether the window was broken accidentally or as an act of (parody vandalism) the fact remains that it is broken and must be paid for

    7.I hope to pick up some real bargains at the (rummage grit) sale being held in our civic center

    8.Although It is sometimes hard we must have faith that in the long run justice and decency will (skimp prevail)

    9.Visiting the school I had attended so many years before made me feel like a creature from the far past a living (alias fossil)

    10.I'll have two franks with all the fixings I said to the vendor, and don't (prevail skimp) on the mustard

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    All right again! :-)

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    11.I am exhausted now but all I need is a satisfying meal a hot shower and a good nights sleep to (replenish rend) my energies

    12.Is there anything more romantic than a nighttime (amble vandalism) upon the moonlit decks of a mighty ocean liner

    13.No i wasn't (ingrained dumbfounded) to be chosen the most popular member of the class, but maybe I was just a little surprised

    14.The aging actor trying to play the part of a young man seemed no more than a (sleuth parody) of the great performance he once was

    15.The prejudices of a bigot are sometimes so (ingrained alias) that it is very difficult to get rid of them

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    Right again! 100% so far this evening! :-)

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