Alg. I

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(-5d^-5) (6d^2)

I know that d^-3 goes on the bottom to make it positive;however,does -30 go on the bottom as well? Please explain the rule(s) for this. Thanks

  • Alg. I -

    (-5)*(6) = -30

    why would you want it to go on the bottom?

    (d^-5)(d^2) = d^(-5+2) = d^-3
    The negative exponent says it goes on the bottom. The -30 has no exponent; it's just a number. It's just a negative number, not a negative exponent.

    To put it on the bottom would be like saying -6 = 1/6 Nope.

    So, -30/d^3 is the final answer

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