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Will you please read over this claim. evidence. analysis response and tell me if there are any errors or things that should be changed? thanks!

C. E. A. Response

Q: Why did the Nazis give off a nice persona when they first engaged with the Jews?
The Nazis gave off a nice persona when they first engaged with the Jews because they knew that if they could trick the Jews into thinking everything seemed fine and the Nazis were good people that it would be much easier to get the Jews to do what they wanted. When the Nazis first infiltrated their homes and set rules in place, the Jews seemed more than willing to obey them. It is even stated that some of the Nazis smiled at the Jews and treated the home owners with respect. When they were moved to the ghettos, even then the Jews still thought the living conditions weren’t terribly bad and how they were treated was still decent. When more strict rules were enforced, such as giving up their valuables, the Nazis attitude toward the Jews changed. They started treating the Jews like animals, and the Jews took note and started to not be willing. Many of them wanted to rebel, but knew it would only cause them death. The Nazis knew from the start that the more respectively they treated the Jews, the more the Jews would trust them and have no problem doing what they were told. Once the Jews caught on and the Germans attitudes changed, they became unwilling to do what they were told but did so anyways to avoid the consequences.

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