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I need step by step explanation of the following problem. Using the lever system equation F1x=F2(d-x)solve the following problem: A screwdriver 9 in. long is used as a lever to open a can of paint. The tip of the screwdriver is placed under the lip of the can with the fulcrum 0.15 in. from the lip. A force of 30 lb. is applied to the other end of the screwdriver. Find the force on the lip of the can. Very confusing to me please explain. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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    The force on the handle is multiplied by the ratio of the distance from the fulcrum.

    The product of force*distance for each side is the same.

    So, plug in the numbers and you will see that since the handle is 60 times as long as the tip, the force applied to the tip is 30 times as great.

    F1 * .15 = 30 * 9
    F1 = 30*9/.15 = 540

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    This answer is completely wrong! F1=1770lbs., according to the answer section in the book Aufmann and Lockwood.

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