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You plan to open a retirement account. Your employer will match 50 percent of your deposits up to a limit on the match of $2500 per year.

You believe the fund will earn 12 percent per year over the next 30 years, and you will make 30 deposits of $5000, plus 50 percent employer matching, totaling $7500 per year.

A) How much money will be in the account immediately after the last deposit?

B) How much total money will you put into the fund?

C) How much total money will your employer put into the fund?

D) How much will be the total investment earnings?

Thank you for your time!
I know its a lot of work :)

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    You're expecting someone here to do your entire assignment for you? Sorry, but that won't happen.

    If you have specific questions about your assignment, though, be sure to ask them. Be prepared to show what you have done, too, when you ask such questions.

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