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Solve for x

5/x-2 + 2/x+5 = 4/x^2+3x-10

not sure i know how to do this

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    Do you mean 5/(x-2) plus 2/(x+5) =

    4/(x^2 + 3x -10)

    To do this you either need a common denominator or to clear denominators.

    I have to check the factors of the denomonators.

    (x^2 + 3x -10) factors to (x+5)(x-2)

    5/(x-2) needs to be multiplied by (x+5)/(x+5)

    2/(x+5) needs to be multiplied by (x+2)/(x+2)

    Can you finish from here?

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    yes that is what i meant.

    i think i am still confused cause when i do that i got (7x+29)/(2x^2+6x-20)

    which i don't think is right

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    7x + 29 is correct in the numerator.

    the denominator will be x^2 + 3x - 10
    Your mistake is that you added the denominators. You have to keep the denominator and add the numerators when working with fractions. Like 1/5 + 2/5 = 3/5

    this is the same denominator that you have on the other side of the equation.

    We are saying two fractions are equal, since there denominators are equal, then their numerators must also be equal.

    Set 7x +29 = 4 and solve for x.

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    for x i got -3.57 is this correct?

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