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Revise the following paragraph, improving it without changing its overall meaning. Pay particular attention to sentence structure.

Ever been assigned to work on a group project for class! Many students dread group projects: because one student typically does most of the work. Unfortunately for some, group work does not end when students leave school, many employers use teams to accomplish ongoing projects. The key to having a successful group project experience, lies in planning and dividing the tasks to be completed! Once the assignment has been received; groups should schedule an initial meeting. Next, members should collaboratively list the tasks that need to be completed in order to finish the assignment! Items on the list should then be assigned to different members of the group. It is helpful if members volunteer for the parts of the project they like best. People are more likely to follow through on a task if it is one that they might enjoy doing. Once all the tasks are assigned; the next step is to establish deadlines. Everyone in the group needs to agree to meet his or her deadline, or the project will not succeed. Finally, the group should meet regularly to share progress reports, and solve any unanticipated problems. Once the project is submitted to the teacher, the members of the group should feel good about completing the project on time, and getting practice working in a group.

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