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Classify as primary, secondary, tertiary alcohols.

i. 2-butanol
ii. 3-methyl-3-pentanol
iii. 2-methyl-1-pentanol
iv. 3-chlorocyclohexanol

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    Here is how you tell them apart.
    primary: C holding the OH group has two H atoms; i.e., RCH2OH.
    secondary: C holding the OH has 1 H atom; i.e., R2CHOH.
    tertiary: C holding the OH group has no H atoms; i.e., R3C-OH

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    i. 2º
    ii. 3º
    iii. 1º
    iv. 2º

    3º= OHCR3

    Double check and post your answers if you have something different.

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    Didn't know that you answered.

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