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biology help?

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We anticipate the evidence gathered by you will indicate that
three of the five species are in greater need of prioritising for conservation
compared with the other two. You should start your account by very briefly
explaining why these two species were considered to be of lower priority.
Thereafter your account need only refer to evidence for the three remaining
species and should include an explanation of how you made your final
choice of the one species to prioritise for conservation action. In your
answer you should consider the combination of the factors researched in the
group, namely the phylogenetic importance of each of the three
species and the primate families to which they belong, their geographical
range and habitat, any current specific or non-specific threats each species is
facing and their current International Union for Conservation of Nature
(IUCN) Red List status.
For your answer to this question it is important that you cite and
reference the sources of any information you use to help you come to your
decision about conservation action. You should write in your own words but
if you need to quote directly from a source, this should be brief and made
clear by quotation marks as well as a citation following the quote.
Make sure you understand the difference between giving a list of your
references at the end of your account and citing a reference within the text
of your account. Only the name(s) of the authors and year of publication are
given in the actual account, either immediately after the information as:
(Author, year) or before it in the form:
Author(s) (year) state(s) that …
The full references are given at the end of the account.

can any one explain this question to me what do i have to write i want to understand .thanks

  • biology help? -

    sorry i forgot to give the name of the species .
    family lemuridae- species Eulemur coronatus

  • biology help? -

    First briefly show why the two are not threatened to the point of Red listing.
    Then, show in detail why the three species in the most danger need to go on the Red list.

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