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How many elements are in glucose sugar, C6H12O6? How did you recognize them?
a. How many total atoms are there in this equation?

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    After answering a half dozen of these I'm wondering how much long show and tell will continue. I thought perhaps you were someone new at the game and you needed some serious help on some questions so that you could present a serious lecture. Now I'm thinking this is answer mooching.
    If you will attempt to answer your other questions in new posts and/or explain exactly what you don't understand about the question you are asking most of us will be happy to help you through the rough spots. But we are not a dump your homework site.

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    I do need serious help. I am an ESL teacher and have to teach and reach all subjects for my students. And I do my best to help them with the poor notes that they bring me to class from their class. I havent had these subjects in decades. I do appereciate what you all do. I actually helps to reinforce what we try to attempt. Unfortuantely for this class, my ESL student do not even have a book to follow. They depend on the graphic organizers and handouts and notetaking (in a forieign language) from the teacher to learn from. Then I have to reteach bilingually.

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    I'm sorry if I sound blunt but you seem to be saying that you are under prepared for these classes. What kind of help do you get from the administration? Did they throw you into these classes with a sink or swim attitude. What kind of information, other than what you provide, can the students access? Do they have computers? Can they search Google? Why are you and others like you expected to teach the subject that the previous instructor has failed to do. It seems to me the onus is on the original instructor or get rid of them and put someone in who knows the subject. With that I'll get off my soap box. Thanks for any enlightenment you can provide.

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    There are three element in C6H12O6. They are C (for carbon), H(for hydrogen), and O(for oxygen). I used the formula and the symbols to know what is in the formula. There are (6+12+6) = 24 total atoms in C6H12O6.

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    Thank you. We so so and that's the same answers we got.

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