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Draw and name the amides that would be obtained by reaction of 3-ethylhexanoic?
Also with the apropriate coupling reagent, and the following amines:
A. ammonia
B. methanamine
C. N-methyl methanamine
D. Aniline
E. N-ethyl aniline

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    I can not draw structures on this forum.

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    ok, then just name the amide

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    You are asking for a lot, but give me a minute.

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    Ok, I'm just confused on the coupling reaction. Is the coupling reaction the amide like for A. Is is Ammonia.

    I drew out 3-hexanoic acid + NH3...thats where I'm stuck.

    I do apologize for the amount I'am asking you. I appreciate the help.

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    A. 4-Ethtylhexanamide
    B. N-methyl-4-Ethylhexanamide
    C. N,N-dimethyl-4-Ethylhexanamide
    D. N-phenyl-4-Ethylhexanamide
    E. N-Methyl-N-phenyl-4-Ethylhexanamide

    not sure about the priority for the last one.

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    Yes, you forgot the ethyl group.

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    oh sorry, I wrote the ethyl group on my equation just didn't write it on the forum. Anyway, I'm curious how did you do the first one. Where did the ammonia come into play? It looks like you lost the -anoic acid group and replaced with the ammonia (NH3). And why did the ethyl group get moved from 3 to 4? Sorry I'm asking alot.

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    I had to write all of them out on a piece of paper to do them. Thank you for catching that. Replace 4 with 3 for all of the answers, and yes that is what I did for the first one. The OH group is replaced with NH2. One of the H's of NH3 will be removed by the OH group during the reaction.

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    Ok thank you so much I'm going to try to attempt the others.

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