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what is the sum of (x^2-3x+2) and (5x^2-3x-8)?

how would you solve this???? please help

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    You have to combine like terms.

    When you add you keep the variable(letter) with its exponent and and the coefficients (numbers in front)

    3x + 5x = 8x

    You are going to combine your x^2 terms
    your x terms and your constants.

    Show me your answer and I will check it.

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    so would it be


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    -3x -3x = -6x
    this is the same as -3x + -3x + -6x
    You are right, but missing the middle term.

    -3x + 3x = 0 that isn't what you had here.

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    oh because i thought it was a negative and a positive so they cancel out

    but its 7x^2-6x-6? or...?

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    Correct. You have to be careful with the signs.

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    Thank you c:

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    You are welcome.

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