posted by lisa

what is the sum of (x^2-3x+2) and (5x^2-3x-8)?

how would you solve this???? please help

  1. JJ

    You have to combine like terms.

    When you add you keep the variable(letter) with its exponent and and the coefficients (numbers in front)

    3x + 5x = 8x

    You are going to combine your x^2 terms
    your x terms and your constants.

    Show me your answer and I will check it.

  2. lisa

    so would it be


  3. JJ

    -3x -3x = -6x
    this is the same as -3x + -3x + -6x
    You are right, but missing the middle term.

    -3x + 3x = 0 that isn't what you had here.

  4. lisa

    oh because i thought it was a negative and a positive so they cancel out

    but its 7x^2-6x-6? or...?

  5. JJ

    Correct. You have to be careful with the signs.

  6. lisa

    Thank you c:

  7. JJ

    You are welcome.

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