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If the freezing point of the solution had been incorrectly read 0.3degrees C lower than the true freezing point, would the calculated molar mass of the solute be too high or too low? Explain.

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    ΔTf = m*Kf*i, solving for molaity,

    ΔTf/*Kf*i= m
    molality= moles of solute/kg of solution.

    Since, 1 mole= molecular weight,
    I think decreasing the number of moles decreases the molecular weight.

    But I can not be sure about this one.

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    (1) delta T = i*K*m
    (2) m = mols/kg solvent
    (3) mols= g/molar mass or
    molar mass = g/mols.

    T read too low makes delta T too high in 1. That makes m too high.

    2. m too high in 2 means mols too high.

    3. mols too high in 3 means molar mass too low.
    I agree with Devron.

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