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Hi I have to write a job-related feature story in my area.. I was just wondering if anyone could provide me with some ideas on what I could write about..

So far I was thinking about writing about the top 3 workstudy jobs on campus.. But I need to have some plan B's and C's
any ideas?

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    Nobody ever writes stories on the civil engineering aspects of modern life. Big electric (why do the lights stay on?), Big gas (Why does it mostly not explode?) Big water (where are the ~20ft cir.? pipes that feed the area, and why do they continue to exist?) Most importantly; what are the requirements to qualify to operate these systems? If you can't get off campus, interview the mechanical operations staff there.

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    those are good, but do you have anything a little less complex?

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    The ballet of food service.

    Parking lot patrol How Boring is It? (mabey not) ;D .

    Librarians fight for autonomy, constantly, ask.

    How fast did you say that wheelchair will go?!?!?! (My friend at MSJC had his modified to do 30MPH!)

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    thanks Ken, I appreciate your help

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    Blaze, why did you ask for something "a little less complex"? Don't tell me you're always looking for the easy way out!! You will be a better thinker and writer if you are NOT always looking for the easy way.

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    I asked for something less complex because of the time period.. Complex work takes a great deal of time, which I don't have much of

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    Ya, that's why I shrunk my ideas, leaving campus can be expensive.... Apply for a research grant? HA HA HA (Note Sarcasm) ;D

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