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how to write an Acrostic poem where subject matter is YERTLE

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    Yertle the Turtle was banned by the school.
    It thought that some of the lines weren't cool.

    That's a start. Maybe these sites will help you finish this acrostic.



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    Yertle the turtle was banned by a school, who saw that the truth's in it were too true for that school!

    Education, it seems, must take a back seat, ...

    Removing the book just shows that they've lost! Integrity, logic, that's what they tossed!

    Theodor Seuss Geisel helps our minds grow, he shows what is right, stuff we should know!

    Legal discussions are a spice of this life. To Hide them from children will cause them MORE strife!

    Everyone needs knowledge, some of it is harsh, if you try and suppress it, you'll remind us of a certain turtle, and his marsh.

    Wow! this story just blew my mind! I grew up on Dr. Seuss books, I have used the examples he so perfectly illustrated to explain right and wrong to my less educated friends, both then and now. The level of hubris and domination by fear based authority is frightening.

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