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Let Pk, Pna and Pcl be permeabilities of squid axon membrane for potassium, sodium and chloride, respectively.

During the rest, the ratios of permeabilities are given by Pk:Pna:Pcl = 1.0 : 0.043 : 0.44
During the peak of an action potential these ratios become Pk:Pna:Pcl = 1.0 : 21.4 : 0.47

The ionic concentrations are:
The table entries have units of nM/I, and are for squid axon.

The temperature of this preparation is 28∘C.

Estimate the maximum amplitude of the action potential, using the permeability ratios above.

Assume that intracellular and extracellular concentrations of ions don't change during the action potential.
Give a numeric answer in mV within 1% of correct value.
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