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Which of the following solutes in aqueous solution would be expected to exhibit the smallest freezing-point lowering (assuming ideal behavior?

0.1 m NaCl
.2 m CH3COOH
.05 m Al2(SO4)3
.1 m MgCl2
.25 m NH3

What would be the steps to picking the right option? Because just picking .05 because it appears to be the smallest amount is likely wrong.

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    delta T = i*Kf*m
    Since Kf is constant we can forget that. dT depends upon i and m so
    i*m for each.
    NaCl is 0.1*2 = ? for i = 2
    CH3COOH is 0.2*1 for i = 1
    Al2(SO4)3 is 0.05*5 for i = 5
    MgCl2 i = 3
    NH3 i = 1
    The greatest i*m causes the greatest dT (or the smallest i*m causes the least dT).

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