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graph the line

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    There a few ways to do this problem.

    You could chose values for x and then solve for y.

    If x = 0, you would have -4y = -8 so y = 2

    You need 3 points to graph the line.
    Try x = 4 and then find y.

    another way is to put the equation into the form of y = mx + b

    -4y = -3x - 8
    y = 3/4 x + 2

    You can choose values for x... like 0, 4, 8 which will make the math a little easier and then find y.

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    I understand the values for x but I don't understand how do you get the value for y. Could you show me the work so I can know for myself how to do it

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    y = 3/4 (0) + 2 = 0 + 2

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