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here is the sentences:
1,2:Duane feels he ____(e)d too many years in inactivity, so now he welcomes the _______s of an exercise program.
3,4. The company decided to ______the construction of its new pant until the architects could decide on how to ___an employee gym into the new building.
5,6 My aunt has only ____success in quitting smoking. Every few months she _____s to temptation, and then she has to quit all over again.
7,8. As Leo explained a failed business deal that had once_____(e)d him, he _____(e)d into the even more interesting tale of his romance with Molly, his business partner.
9,10. The infomercial offered free samples, ninety-day trails, and every other ______possible to get me to buy the "miracle medicine that would change my life." However, I found the sales pitch highly implausible". I simply could not believe that this product was ____to my well-being
• 1. incorporate

  • English -

    1. squander
    2. right
    3. curtail
    4. incorporate
    5. intermittent
    6. succumbs

    With so few correct answers, it seems like you are just putting down answers at random, so we will respond. Look up these words, so you can understand their meanings and use them more effectively.

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    PsyDAG is right. You seem to be guessing.

    Look up the words here and then THINK about meanings and parts of speech.

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    Thanks for you your help.

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