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If school starts at 7:42 am and it ends at 1:56 pm and there's 42 minutes per period. Create a bell schedule.

Please help!!!!

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    Start out at 7:37 -- warning bell
    1st period -- 7:42-8:14
    Passing time -- 8:14-8:19
    2nd period -- 8:19-9:01
    Passing time -- 9:01-9:06

    I was giving 5 minutes for each passing time. If you get to 1:56 and it doesn't come out even, then adjust the passing time.

    How do you add 42 minutes to any point in time?

    7:42 + 42 = 7:84 >> 8:14 (Of course there are only 60 minutes in an hour, so carry that one hour to the 7 and include what's left for the minutes.)

    Let us know what you come up with.

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    Don't forget to include lunch -- usually about 35 minutes.

  • Correction -

    Ooops! Not 8:14!! It should be 8:24!

    Good thing I don't teach math!

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    passing time is 4 minutes....

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    lunch is for 40 minutes....

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    homeroom is after 1st period.....

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    OK ... is homeroom supposed to be 42 minutes long, too?

    How many periods in the day, including homeroom?

    Post what you come up with, and someone here will check it for you.

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