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This isnt about school umm well i need advice ok so here it is...... im getting verbaly abused... and my parents wont stop ive called child protective survices on them in the past but they didn't do anything but make it worse look im getting sick thoughts and i cant afford counseling so i hoped maybe u could help. If u cant i understand but if u have feed back plz help I'm rlly loosing it and im not sure what to do and need help soon.

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    thx but umm i kind of need advice about verbal abuse not tutoring but thx again

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    Thing #1
    Life is looooong!! the torture of childhood will be something you look back on and draw strength from, because you rose above the irrational.

    Thing #2
    You are not alone! My step mom was verbally and physically abusive and my dad was working 12 - 16 hour days doing surgeries. I developed a "file" in my mind for "Negative Lessons" such that if I ever said or did anything that resembled my step mom's patterns I would stop and be silent instead. I am 51 now My kids friends all voted me "best dad" :)

    Study Critical Thinking (the subject)
    Learn The Fallacies (Logic, the subject)
    by heart, knowing them will help you understand your parents underlying mis perceptions, and give you some mental distance.

    Sick thoughts come, look at them as mental toys, change the "Righteous Reaction" into something involving pudding, or bananas or an imposable to manipulate animal. Seriously if I could have beaten people with a Giraffe, bruising would have occurred!!

    Humor will save your brain, that's what got 6 of my sisters and myself through, 1 sister believed the insults, she still lives with mom, in "the insane zone" as we call it.

    Life is long and strange, and it is infinitely better than the alternative!

    I was helped by my Unitarian Universalist friends, ~"The thinking persons church"~ No god claims at all! Google UUA use the church finder tool, call the minister. Meet the youth group YRUU (Yes it says why r You You) :P the cheese flows thickly and the punbombs never seem to quit. and they are the smartest church by % of college grads too!

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    Thx i guess the only way i can help myself is not to think about all the negative things but its hard not to when you have a past like mine cause i'll say my dad my REAL dad isn't like all he's cool but when he was young around 21-22 or so he went off a cliff and broke his head open but he still survived but people say hes different... that hes not as kind hearted and loving person he use to be. So i mean i guess i'll have to find my way by myself in life since that's how i pretty much started it anyways :P

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    Brain injuries can change the level of empathy the victim can feel.
    Many brain injury victims can barely maintain their own thoughts, let alone interacting with other people, having to spend all their mental energy internally.

    Emotions are the most common dysfunction trigger; You see your wife, you think about how much you love her, you have a seizure. It can make one withdraw pretty quickly, and you get people saying what they say your dad acts like.

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