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A model rocket launches with an initial velocity of 6 m/s, at an angle of 90 degrees (with respect to the horizon). The rocket's engine provides an acceleration of 2.2 m/s2, acting in the same direction as the initial velocity. After 20 seconds, the rocket engine cuts out.
What is the maximum height attained by the rocket?

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    at twenty seconds,
    vf=vi+at=50.4 m/s check that.
    h=(vi*20+1/2 a t^2)= 120+1.1*400=560 check that.

    now, how much higher did it go, with an initial velocity of 50.4m/s

    vf at top=0
    0=50,4^2-19.8d solve for d

    Now add d to 560m

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