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!. Which of the following structures would you expect to have a net dipole moment?

HC(triple bond)CH
H2C(double bond)O

2. Rank the sp, sp2, and sp3 orbitals in order of decreasing (highest to lowest) energy.

a)sp> sp2>sp3
d)they are all the same

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    i believe H2C O with the double bond is the only one with a dipole moment

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    HCtriplebondCH is linear and no dipole moment.
    NH4^+ is tetrahedral and symetrical; therefore, no dipole moment.
    H2C=O is not symmetrical in three dimensions; it has as dipole moment.
    Same for BCl3.
    For #2. here is come good reading.

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    i got the first one easy enough. the reading was interesting. so that leads me to believe b is the correct answer. thank you dr. bob

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