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what are the answer to these questionBased on what you have read so far, what is the one thing that always changes when a scene changes in The Diary of Anne Frank? (1 point)

the Franks’ reason for hiding
the passage of time
the use of voiceover for Anne’s diary

When people are self-conscious they likely become (1 point)


A person who makes absurd claims is likely to be (1 point)


What conclusion can you draw from Anne and Peter’s interaction at the beginning of Scene 3? (1 point)

Anne finds Peter’s behavior embarrassing.
Anne is standoffish toward Peter, which hurts his feelings.
Peter is self-conscious, while Anne is more outgoing.

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    We'll be glad to check your answers.

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    1 Franks reason for hiding
    2 embarrssaed
    3 confused
    4 anne finds Peter's behavior emabrrasing

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    Are those your answers or was Anonymous giving away answers?

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    those are all wrong

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    The real answers are:
    1. the passage of time (B)
    2. embarrassed (C)
    3. confused (A)
    4. Peter is self-conscious, while Anne is more outgoing. (C)
    I got 100% on the quick check. :)

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    Thank you KittyKitKatKoo!

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